Creative Sketching with Jens Claessens (Copy)

Returning Fall 2024, sign-ups open soon!

Learn the fundamentals of drawing from imagination. In this 8-week class we’ll learn how to draw from imagination better through various digital sketchbook techniques. We’ll focus on using “sketches” as a way to develop our own unique style without compromising on technique and skill. Jens will teach you how to use values and edges to better control your form and then ultimately use color to bring your imaginations to life. There will be a combination of demos, lectures and homework assignments that we’ll review in class.

We’ll cover:
How to use reference
Taking a quick drawing to a more detailed rendering
Value and edges
How to describe form
Sketchbook layout

Duration: 8 weeks
Date & Time: Starts Sunday September 3rd, every Sunday at 9AM Eastern
Skill level: All skill levels welcome
Tiers: Receive feedback or spectate without homework feedback
Format: 4 hour live class with combination of lectures, demos, and feedback. Recordings will be provided within 24 hours of each class.
Materials: Any digital or traditional mediums. Paintovers will be done digitally.

All weeks will be a combination of lecture, demos and feedback.

Week 1: Light and Value, sculpting in 2D
Week 2: How edges really work, edge control, edge analysis
Week 3: How to improve, artist habits, how to expand your visual library
Week 4: Drawing from imagination.
Week 5: Drawing from imagination (continued)
Week 6: Layers of character design
Week 7: Painting the character in color.
Week 8: Ways to draw from reference.

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Jens Claessens is a concept artist and illustrator working in the games and movie industry. His clients include Gearbox, Axis studios, Volta, and Quantic Dream.