Visdev Fundamentals with Yuhki Demers


Sign-ups open now! Class starts May 19th

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional visdev artist in animation? Well, now’s your chance to get a taste of what that’s like.

In this class you’ll be a visdev artist working under your production designer, Yuhki Demers, on his art team. We’ll go through every kind of assignment you’ll get as a professional visdev artist at a big studio, from props to story moments and everything in between.

Yuhki will share everything he has learned about designing for animation in the past decade of working professionally on films and series at various studios including: Sony, Netflix, Disney, Dreamworks, and Paramount, and on projects from the Spider-verse Movies to the Emoji Movie. We’ll learn how to design anything, from the smallest prop to the biggest environment, and the mantras of design that have guided me throughout the years.

We’ll cover:
• Basic rules of composition and cinematography
• Do’s and don’ts of design
• Prop Design
• Vehicle Design
• Set Design
Environment Design
• Color Keys/Lighting Keys
• Graphic Design
• Vehicle Design
• My Blender workflow
• Story Moments

Week 1: Composition/Design Basics Lecture, Prop Design Demo
Week 2: Value Lecture, Vehicle Design Demo
Week 3: Perspective Lecture, Set Design Demo
Week 4: Movement Lecture, Environment Design Demo
Week 1: Color Lecture, Color Key Demo
Week 2: Dividing the Picture Plane Lecture, Story Moment Demo
Week 3: Style Lecture, Style and the importance of versatility, Continued Story Moment
Week 4: Final Critique, Industry Wake up call, and Final Q&A

Duration: 8 weeks
Date & Time: Starts Sunday May 19th, every Sunday at 2:00 PM Eastern
Skill level: Basic drawing fundamentals recommended. Critique spots may require confirmation pending portfolio review
Tiers: Receive direct feedback in class or spectate without homework feedback.
Format: 4-5 hour live class with combination of lectures, demos, and feedback. Recordings will usually be provided within 24 hours of each class.
Materials: Any digital or traditional tools. Paintovers will be done digitally

All weeks will be a combination of lecture, demos and feedback.

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Yuhki Demers is an animation producer, production designer, and artist with over a decade of experience designing for films, television, and games. Yuhki learned firsthand what it takes to make cutting-edge animation while working as a visual development artist on both Spider-verse films. He was integral in creating the look and feel for the final films, along with creating original characters, sets, and hand-animating many of the film’s “burst cards”. He took that knowledge to Netflix where he production designed “My Dad the Bounty Hunter”, a premium animated series. Credits include: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, My Dad the Bounty Hunter, Vivo, Big Hero 6: The Series.