Creative Worldbuilding with Alex Konstad


Sign-ups open now! Class starts June 22nd at 3:00 PM Eastern

Have you ever wanted to build and create immersive worlds for your own personal projects and portfolios? In this class Alex Konstad will demystify the daunting aspect of world building and help make it a fun and engaging exploratory practice. Creating your own worlds and places doesn’t need to be rocket science, Alex will help you build your toolset and preparedness to have all that you need at your disposal to make fun and engaging works set in worlds that you create!

We’ll cover:
• Alex’s Thought Process
• Preliminary Brainstorming
• Composition
• Design

Week 1: Reference Gathering and Sketching – Sketching/brainstorming Demo (homework: building reference boards and sketching)
Week 2: Distilling the idea – after gathering our references and planning out the rough framework for your worldbuilding we will begin simple ideation through illustration – composition and thumbnailing demo (homework: thumbnails and color roughs)
Week 3: Design Flavor and Ideation – before any heavy painting we will go over adding design flavor and thought into our paintings – Design demo and theory for worldbuilding (homework: Design drawings, shape exploration – fleshing out thumbnails from week 2)
Week 4: Populating your world – every world needs people/creatures and life! – Costume/Character Design Demo (homework: character design and costuming thumbnailing)
Week 5: Environment Flavors – using our previously gathered reference in week 1 we will explore architecture and scenery to enrich your paintings – exploring architecture and environments – Architecture/Environment demo (homework:Building/architecture design)
Week 6: Narrative Illustration – It is time to start putting all of our ingredients together with simple image making – single figure illustration demo (homework: thumbnailing and planning large paintings)
Week 7: Building the World – using all of our tools and tricks we will start fleshing out our worlds with robust illustrations 1-3 figure compositions incorporating set design and mood – Color and Light Painting Demo (homework: fleshing out compositions from week 6, color roughs)
Week 8: Putting it all Together – Furthering the work done in week 7 we will continue laying the foundations for creating large and immersive paintings – Finishing touches Painting Demo. (homework: finishing the painting! fleshing out and finalizing illustrations from week 6/7)


Duration: 8 weeks
Date & Time:  Starts Saturday June 22, every Saturday at 3:00 PM Eastern
Skill level: Drawing and painting foundation recommended. Critique spots require confirmation pending portfolio review.
Tiers: Receive direct feedback in class or spectate without homework feedback.
Format: 4-5 hour live class with combination of lectures, demos, and feedback. Recordings will usually be provided within 24 hours of each class.
Materials: Any digital or traditional tools. Paintovers will be done digitally

All weeks will be a combination of lecture, demos and feedback.


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Alex Konstad is a concept artist and illustrator from the forests of Portland Oregon, currently living in Los Angeles California. He currently works at Netflix, and he has worked for clients such as Blizzard Entertainment, ShieldBreak Games, Reelfx, Psyop FX, Games Workshop, SpinMaster Toys and Sony Online Entertainment.