Ramon Hurtado: Anatomy of the Hands and Feet

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Having a tough time handling the hands in your drawings? Tired of knowing that trouble is afoot when drawing feet? Let’s say you get an anatomy book and decide to get “really serious”- you copy all the bone and muscle diagrams, study every front, side and 3/4 pose AND memorizing all of the scientific names.

Then, you go back to drawing- your model is full of fascinating forms and mysterious bumps- but none of them look like the diagrams in your book! Instead of having a useful way to capture what you see, you find yourself with a head full of Latin, a jumble of fun muscle facts and more confusion than before. Sound familiar?

Well, I know the feeling! That’s why, in this workshop, we’ll focus on the most essential elements of the hands and feet – the practical knowledge that you’ll use every time you draw, paint or sculpt. Instead of mountains of muscles and a bounty of bones, we’ll rely on a handful of handy analogies and breakdowns- you’ll learn all about French fries and noodles, macaroni and potato wedges, even sandals, slippers, and mops! These concepts, combined with *plenty* of terrible puns, are guaranteed make the learning process both fun AND memorable (!!!)

And once we’re familiar with these tools, we’ll use them to draw hands and feet of different types, in a variety of angles and styles- young and old, line or tone, simple or complex, from Leyendecker to Lefebvre and Boucher to Bouguereau.

In the end, you’ll leave this course knowing exactly what to focus on, so you can create beautiful, expressive hands and feet, every time. And whether you’re doing a quick sketch or a finished painting, traditional or digital, you’ll have the knowledge to approach your work with joy and confidence.

Includes: 4 Chapters
Length: 16+ hours



Includes: 4 Chapters
Length: 16+ hours

Ramon Hurtado is an oil painter and instructor in subjects including anatomy, figure drawing, and composition, with a particular passion for researching 19th century educational methods. He has lectured at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, Safehouse Atelier, California State University- Long Beach, DreamWorks Animation, the Society of Illustrators, Emile Cohl Atelier, the University of Lisbon- Faculty of Fine Arts, Porto Atelier, Art Center College of Design and Grand Central Atelier.