Creative Fundamentals Vol. 1 Ebook


This is the culmination of years of collected knowledge, simplified into a really approachable introduction to the fundamentals of art. It’s useful for not only fine art but concept art and illustration as well. This is the very basics, so the tools are useful for all creative work, not a formula that only leads to one style. If you’ve been feeling like there are some basics about art that you don’t understand but don’t know how to address it, this is for you!


• 41 pages
• 6 chapters
• Glossary of fundamental art terms
• Reading list
• Recommended viewing
• Inspiring old master painting examples
• Simple, approachable diagrams


• Foreword
• Composition & Triangles
• Principles of Contrast
• The Oreo Cookie Theory
• Exposure & Compression
• Specular Highlights
• A Hierarchy of Edges
• Glossary
• Resources



Format: PDF
Size: 28.7MB
Length: 41 Pages