Perspective Crash Course with Yuhki Dehmers


Includes a 90 minute crash course as well as a 2 hour guest lecture for Kellan Jett’s Aesthetic Exploration for VisDev. 

Through painting countless cityscapes for both “Spider-verse” films, Yuhki Demers learned a thing or two about perspective. In this 90 minute crash course he will take you through how to use perspective and what made perspective make sense to him.

In this course we’ll do a basic perspective refresher, perspective for storytelling, how I set up my perspective grid, and a building flats demo.

Basic perspective drawing knowledge recommended.



Yuhki Demers is an animation producer, production designer, and artist with over a decade of experience designing for films, television, and games. Yuhki learned firsthand what it takes to make cutting-edge animation while working as a visual development artist on both Spider-verse films. He was integral in creating the look and feel for the final films, along with creating original characters, sets, and hand-animating many of the film’s “burst cards”. He took that knowledge to Netflix where he production designed “My Dad the Bounty Hunter”, a premium animated series. Credits include:Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, My Dad the Bounty Hunter, Vivo, Big Hero 6: The Series.